Lockheed Martin and NEC to Enhance Satellites, Space Travel with Artificial Intelligence

Lockheed Martin and NEC Corporation today announced that Lockheed Martin will use NEC's System Invariant Analysis Technology (SIAT) in the space domain. NEC's advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and Lockheed Martin's space domain expertise offer new opportunities in developing enhanced integrated satellite and spacecraft operations with uniquely developed prescriptive analytics. These include rapid assessments of changes in performance and the space environment, such as the potential influence of space weather on electronics. With this information, operators can improve product performance and lifecycle efficiency.



December 14, 2017

NEC will begin selling software Log Pattern Analysis

NEC will begin selling software 'NEC Advanced Analytics - Log Pattern Analysis' which can analyze integrated logs by automatically extracting and modeling various log patterns with AI from today. The new product is equipped with 'log pattern analysis technology' newly developed at North American Institute as one of NEC's cutting edge AI technology group 'NEC the WISE', not conscious of the structure of the log Automatically extracting various log patterns and modeling logs of multiple devices and systems to realize integrated log analysis. This eliminates the need for format definition for log analysis by program and advanced log analysis experience, which was indispensable for conventional log management products, eliminating variability and reducing labor and load of analysis work. In addition, it is possible to predict failures and failures that were difficult even by experts and support for early detection






October 13, 2017

JGC and NEC Collaborate for Efficient Plant Operations Using AI and IoT

JGC Corporation and NEC Corporation announced their cooperation in the provision of data analysis services for plant operations using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. The cooperation, which the two companies agreed to in a memorandum concluded in November 2016, involves joint development of systems that detect signs of abnormalities in plant operations and provide related services for plants serving the oil refinement, chemical, LNG (liquefied natural gas) and gas, power, resource development, and other fields. ...


February 2, 2017

NEC announces new AI technology brand,"NEC the WISE"

NEC announced that it will be branding its lineup of artificial intelligence (hereinafter, "AI") technologies as "NEC the WISE" and globally launching this new brand and its mark as part of NEC's efforts to contribute to the realization of a safe, secure, efficient, and equal society in which people work together with AI to enhance technological advancements. NEC has promoted the development of AI-related technology for nearly half a century in the domains of visualization, analysis, and control and guidance. As a result of these efforts, many of NEC's AI technologies, including speech recognition, image and video recognition, language and semantic understanding, machine learning, prediction and detection, and optimal planning and control, are either unprecedented or ranked No. 1 in the world. ...


July 19, 2016

Jointly Implementing an Operation Support Service for Thermal Power Generation

We have been working with Chubu Electric Power Company, a major utility in Japan, to create a predictive analytic solution that would boost the reliability and safety of their thermal power generation. A key customer requirement is efficiency optimization since they observe that generation efficiency varies each year even under similar environment settings. As part of the co-development effort, Chubu Electric provided domain expertise and data from their plants. Our researchers created the thermal plant operation support application with a suite of NEC’s core analytic engines. Following extensive evaluation of the solution prototype, Chubu Electric entered into a commercial agreement with NEC. The outcome is attractive: Chubu Electric will be both a customer buying the solution and also a business partner of NEC to market the solution to other thermal power generators worldwide.




June 24, 2016

NEC technology calculates landslide risk

NEC announced that it has developed a new technology that enables the highly accurate, real-time calculation of landslide risk by analyzing the amount of moisture in the soil. Conventionally, in order to calculate the landslide risk of hillsides it was necessary to obtain data regarding the state of the surrounding soil, including indicators such as the weight, friction of soil, cohesion of the soil and water pressure, which are all subject to change depending on the amount of rainfall. In order it obtain this data in real-time, it was necessary to install dedicated sensors beneath the ground for each one of these indicators. Moreover, geological surveys and construction work to protect against landslides are both time consuming and expensive for local authorities to implement. NEC's technology makes it possible to conveniently calculate multiple data-indices from just the amount of moisture contained in the soil, and to perceive the risk level of the slope in real-time, with a high degree of accuracy. ...




April 13, 2015

NEC Distributes System Performance Analysis Software for Global Markets

NEC announced the distribution of its performance analysis software system, the "MasterScope Invariant Analyzer," for overseas markets. This software recognizes system failures and manages the trouble shooting for large-scale cloud orientated computing systems at telecom carriers, large corporations and data center operators. As the corporate expectations of cloud computing continue to rise, robust IT platforms for cloud oriented data centers are required in order to provide safe and secure services. These services also need to rapidly process large volumes of data and flexibly adjust to sudden workload changes, in addition to provide efficient operations of a large number of data center servers/storage devices that facilitate greater use of virtualization technologies. In response to these needs, NEC developed "Invariant Analysis Technology", an innovative technique that detects the cause of unexpected failures. This patented technology, developed by NEC Laboratories America, Inc., has been incorporated into NEC's "MasterScope Invariant Analyzer," which detects hard-to-find errors and performance failures in just 1/10 the time of conventional technologies. ...






February 22, 2010